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Kellas: Residents should reject Sun City West recall vote


Sun City West is all of our homes. Whether it be seasonal or year around. The reason I selected Sun City West for my home was for the beauty, warmth and amenities that are offered here. Sun City West has been one of the top senior retirement communities in our nation because of the people. Our community is full of volunteers and good people that are working hard to keep this community as Del Webb had imagined.

Unfortunately, life brings unforeseen challenges and lumps and bumps, but we don’t just give up. We work together as a community to discuss, plan and find fair resolutions to move forward together. It is easy to stand back hearing misinformation and then make judgments. The answer is not to spread incorrect information, to fulfill personal agendas or to tear our community apart. This idea of a recall is simply absurd. It costs us, as owner members, thousands of dollars and a devastating division to our wonderful community.

There’s enough division in the world today; we do not need to create more in our community, our home.

We have outstanding volunteers on our governing board who are doing a great job. These people are open to suggestions and working together to keep our community strong. These people are just like you and me. They are our neighbors, friends and volunteers. We are the great community of Sun City West.

The answer is not to tear apart our community but to uphold our values, be kind and work together to maintain our harmonious community, Sun City West, as it has been for so many years.

To seek the truth, regarding the untruthful allegations for this recall, go to www.norecallscw.com.

Please vote “no” on the recall.