Kampert: Is country in great distress?


It seems that Mr. Antonio doesn’t like the fact that his neighbor is flying the American flag upside down.

Well sir, I too am a Veteran and I disagree with you completely. Flying the flag upside down is a sign of distress and I’m sure you will agree that our country is in distressful condition.

We have a federal government that disregards the Constitution. A congress that is trying to force us into a socialist state. An attorney general who calls concerned parents “domestic terrorists.”

Elections are so fraud ridden that the people no longer trust the outcomes. Need I go on? Your neighbor has every right to fly his flag upside down. Our entire Constitutional Republic is being turned upside down.

If you love your country and the flag that represents it you will follow suit and invert your flag, too.

The United States on America is, without a doubt, in a state of grave distress and we had better recognize that fact and act before it’s too late.

Tom Kampert