Kampert: Is early voting asking for fraud?


Well, it looks like it happened again. Another very questionable election.

When will the people learn that mail in ballots and early voting is just asking for fraud? I find it hard to believe that, after the nightmare this state and country has been subjected to for the past two years by the Democrats that the people actually voted for more of the same.

Why were only the more important races (U.S. Senate and Governor) “too close to call?” Doesn’t that send up a few red flags? Why does it take several days to get the results in Arizona when most other states have those results on election night?

Did anyone notice that the Senate races in Pennsylvania and Georgia were also “too close to call?” Could it be because control of the Senate was at stake and someone had to have time to figure out how to make sure the “right candidate” got elected?

I find it very strange that we had a candidate for President in 2020 who hid out in his basement, and a candidate for Governor of Arizona who would not debate and hid out in public restrooms — and the both got elected — and both are Democrats.

Something really stinks in Maricopa County and even worse in Washington D.C.

Tom Kampert

election, fraud, Arizona