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Hudak: SCHOA needs more support for fights


We have enjoyed a city that was a dream over 60 years ago to build a place where seniors could spend the rest of their lives with other seniors and live in peace.

This way of life is being threatened by outside forces to build group homes in our city. If we don’t fight this together, we will lose. The organization that has the ability and responsibility to enforce the laws CC&Rs is SCHOA.

I have talked to them and found out that only one-third of the homes in Sun City belong to SCHOA,which limits the amount of money that can be used to fight these powerful forces who have expensive lawyers who will do everything they can to win.

You may ask what can I do? Or you may ask why should I care? The reason you should care is the future of Sun City as a place you would want to live will not be here in years to come. The answer to the question of what can I do is join SCHOA and pay the yearly fees so their lawyers will have the money to fight on the same playing field.

I was not a member myself, but I will sign up immediately so they can fight! I implore everyone not to sit on the sidelines and think that someone else will do it. We need all to fight!