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Howicz: Little difference with RCSC board behavior, action in Sun City


The ridiculous and childish behavior continues with a minority, and frankly most are sick of it.

No matter what the issue, they take the opposite side. Wanted a parliamentarian, now they don’t and ran her off with childish behavior. Was asked last meeting what rules do you want for speaking, agreed on three minutes. A few speakers later a person said, “My time’s up and I’m not leaving,” and on and on.

Everyone has a gripe but never a solution. Many cite history and opinions. Not what the meeting is for. Not satisfied with meeting quorum and blame the board. It’s the rule when a club has a meeting — no quorum no meeting. The number needs to be 3,900. All those unhappy with that, talk to the 39,000 that don’t show up. We have rules.

People aren’t happy with projects not being done sooner but want to pay less in fees. Doesn’t work that way. Nor does wanting the best personnel for the lowest wages. Let’s stop all the insanity. Hire a 3-person board, pay them a good salary to run Sun City per the bylaws. Increase fees to pay for this. This will sound cold but if you can’t pay for it, move to a lower cost area. If you didn’t plan for your future it should not effect others.

Sun City is getting older and run down, but all a few want are better, faster built facilities and improvement but no increase in cost. Let’s just enjoy our retirement. This is like a broken record year after year. Thanks for printing.