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Horne: I urge a vote in favor of the SUSD override


As a former student of the Scottsdale Unified School District and a proud Arizona native who attended Kiva, Mohave and Saguaro, I wholeheartedly advocate in support of the SUSD Maintenance and Operations (M&O) override. This crucial measure is not just about maintaining and improving educational standards, it’s about investing in the future of our community.

Passing the override is vital to preserve current class size ratios, a benefit I experienced firsthand during my time in SUSD. Smaller classes enhance student learning and engagement, allowing teachers to offer personalized attention. By supporting the override, we ensure that classrooms in all of our schools remain conducive to effective teaching and learning.

Moreover, the override enables competitive teacher compensation, essential for retaining and attracting top talent. Our dedicated educators, including those who guided me through my educational journey, are the foundation of our education system and deserve our unwavering support.

I urge fellow SUSD community members to vote in favor of the override. As someone who cherishes the education I received in SUSD schools, I understand its significance. By doing so, we invest in our community’s future, ensuring all students have access to the exceptional educational opportunities I had the privilege of experiencing in our Scottsdale Unified schools.