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Hart-Wells: Gratitude and grace for our 2024 graduates


Celebrations are in order, but first I want you to take a moment to be grateful. 

For the caregivers and loved ones, family members and friends who are family in every way it matters to you. Be grateful for their love and support. 

For your teachers, coaches, staff, our neighbors, our community members – both past and present – and those who have selflessly advocated for our schools, and for you. Be grateful for their collective dedication and commitment. 

Be grateful for your opportunity to live in a community that affords you – all of you – access to a free education rooted in the power of knowledge. 

Last but not least, you. You’ve earned the right to show yourself gratitude.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton – as you may recall from your studies – was a great American on whose shoulders we all stand for her leadership in the women’s suffrage movement, and demanded our country make good on the self-evident truths articulated in the Declaration of Independence. Ms. Cady Stanton reminded us: Nature never repeats herself because the possibilities that you possess will never be found in another.

You are unique. You are beautiful in every way that matters. You are enough, and we are proud of you. Congratulations class of 2024!

Reader reactions, pro or con, are welcomed at AzOpinions@iniusa.org.