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Graham: Too much study, planning can kill efforts in Sun City


It appears that there is a consensus that the Mountain View Center needs a rebuild. I agree.

However, in the story (“Pulling reins on Mountain View,” Sun City Independent, April 12, 2023), Rusty Bradshaw writes, “Despite nearly five years of study that included two public community meetings and work by the Long Range Planning Committee and an ad hoc committee, the majority of the board believes another committee should be formed to research other options for the Mountain View site…”

Sadly, this statement is entirely accurate.

The Mountain View project is a huge undertaking. It therefore requires a huge amount of planning and research. But please realize and understand this: Whatever decisions are reached on a project of this size, somebody somewhere at some time is going to be unhappy for some reason. Wasn’t it Abraham Lincoln who said in part that you can’t please all of the people all of the time?

Plan the project. Research it. Study it. Then make final decisions and get on with it. Don’t look back. Realize that it’s possible to research, study and plan a project to death.

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