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Goncalves: Biden should pay for flights


The Biden administration is so worried about climate change and promises to cut carbon pollution in half. They have put in so many regulations which are hurting people and businesses. So...

I would like Joe Biden to please explain to the American people why Jill Biden had to fly back from France so she could attend the trial of Hunter and then fly right back to France for the state dinner.

How much pollution was caused by the flight and how much did this flight it cost us American taxpayers? Being it was a personal matter, I think that the Bidens need to pay for the trip themselves.

We are over $35 trillion in debt and the government keeps printing more money and spending trillions on pork projects, waste and fraud. Wake up America and demand accountability on how our tax dollars are being spent.

God Bless America and save us!

Jean Goncalves
Sun City West

Biden, travel