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Smyth: It's time to go, Joe

If former Donald Trump gets a second term in the White House, Joe Biden will have only himself to blame.

Patterson: Mounting debt accumulation can't go on …

Joe Biden loves to give away money, especially if it’s not his own. He has spent trillions of dollars for political benefit that didn’t need otherwise to be spent.

Kerrigan: Financial dangers grow with government …

Calls for government intervention in the economy are often promoted as a way to provide relief and fairness.

Drozd: Was Biden out of line on SOTU?

When critiquing President Biden’s state of the union address, please note that I am not a fan of either Presidents Biden or Trump.

Lake, Finchem want U.S. Supreme Court to look at …

PHOENIX — Kari Lake and Mark Finchem want the U.S. Supreme Court to give them a do-over of their losing claim that machines used to tabulate votes in some Arizona counties are so inherently unreliable that they violate their constitutional rights.

Robb: Biden keeps making it tougher for swing voters

President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address represented a strategic choice and, in my view, a strategic mistake.

Hendrix: Prefers Biden over Trump for president

I love the way others defend our Former Traitor in Chief.

Hechos: Fact checking in presidential election

Whoa! There sure were a lot of fast and loose claims, opinions and assumptions tossed around by a few contributors to this forum in the March 6 edition.

Top Arizona lawmakers sue Biden over national monument …

PHOENIX — Calling it an unlawful “land grab,” the top legislative Republicans filed suit Monday against President Biden over his decision last year to designate nearly 1 million acres of federal land near the Grand Canyon as a national monument.

Southern Arizona lawmaker seeks to oust Biden from …

PHOENIX — A Marana lawmaker wants to ensure that if Donald Trump is knocked off the Arizona ballot, the same would happen to Joe Biden.

Hobbs signs deal to resolve election deadline issues

MESA — Gov. Katie Hobbs acknowledged Friday she really didn’t get anything out of the deal she cut with Republican lawmakers to resolve election deadline issues.

Top Arizona GOP lawmakers challenge Election …

PHOENIX — A new lawsuit against Secretary of State Adrian Fontes could end up affecting whether Arizonans will actually get a voice in the November presidential election.