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Gibson: Thoughts on Broken Window policing


I am a retired Phoenix Police Officer, 1962-1991.

Mr. Ryan Taylor’s proposal is pointed in right direction but the flaw in his position, in my opinion, is almost every law enforcement agency in our nation is not staffed or resourced to implement Broken Windows policing. We need not debate the many reasons.

But from my 30 year experience in my hometown and employment by the Phoenix PD, the job of policing is not attracting an adequate numbers of officers. Pay is not the primary reason. The job is far too dangerous and LE does not receive due support for their work. Yes there are examples of improper policing, but the vast majority of officers do their very best to protect and improve their communities.

Donald Trump professes to support law enforcement but this is only reelection trolling of his base. The GOPs continued support is beyond comprehension.

I worked in a Broken Windows environment for much of my career and sincerely wish we could return to it. Sadly I do not think that can happen in the foreseeable future.

Dudley Gibson