Forde: RCSC fee reasonable; coyotes stay


I am writing regarding two things.

One is regarding the lady who wrote in and said that single people should not have to pay as much of a Recreation Centers of Sun City property assessment as couples. When we all bought a home in Sun City it was very clear that you pay a fee per household not per person and that you pay the fee regardless of whether or not you use the facilities.

It would be wrong to change that after people bought into the system the way it is.

Also, the fee that we pay is very reasonable, even for a single person.

The second thing is regarding the article about the problem with coyotes.

As many people have already said, the coyotes were here long before us and we are invading their territory. If you don’t like living where there are coyotes, move!

In addition, coyotes tend to be timid and don’t generally mess with people if they are left alone. As far as people’s pets are concerned, you need to be responsible. I never let my dogs outside without me being with them. It’s pretty simple. So if you let your dog out on its own and a coyote gets it, its your fault not the coyote’s.

I love the coyotes and would hate to see them mistreated or moved!

Janet Forde
Sun City

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