Festive Phantasm: A spectral vision of the Sonoran Desert


With mile high spirit and spooky allure, more travelers are letting their wanderlust creep toward theme flavored adventure.

Perched above the stunning Verde Valley of Arizona and boasting a panoramic view of the painted desert, a paranormal paradise awaits. It’s an easy drive up I-17 for day tripping Phoenicians and travelers abroad have found a revolutionary revitalization in a renovated town known for being in a perpetual state of ruin.

No longer just a cowboy getaway, nor a cool summer spot of the southwest, the proprietors of Jerome are openly saying “if you’ve got it, haunt it.”

Dark history has laid the groundwork for the Ghost City’s newest Arizona haunt. Built upon miles of abandoned mining tunnels and having been ravaged by fire, landslides and economic travesty, Jerome rises again from the ashes and shines for another winter season of supernatural delight.

With a mysterious draw that cannot be readily explained by science, Jerome continues to draw more guests from all corners, welcoming them into its own dark and murky crooks and crannies. Some may say that grassroots, family oriented business owners bringing in polished and positively customer satisfying projects that revive the old buildings and shops are responsible, with a little help from the g-g-ghosts.

These days, people love a good scare and the psychology says that fear creates competition. In reality, there is a team leading the way for this momentous movement and motivated by the value of good service, fine dining and they know how to provide accommodations for weary travelers who want to sleep like the dead. Known as the Haunted Group, this hospitality team has rejuvenated multiple buildings and old businesses in Jerome, where the veil between realms seems thinner.

Haunted Group owner Eric Jurisin is also committed to bringing something innovative to Jerome.

“History is everywhere in this town. We embraced that, while still giving Phoenicians and locals a chance to step into a different world at the Clinkscale. High-quality ingredients and unique menu items were our priorities. We wanted to bring something new to Jerome with every bite,” Mr. Jurisin shared.

Jerome is said to be the most haunted town in Arizona, so while the dark entities that don’t want to be disturbed lurk, visitors safely lunch among the crumbled stone buildings. Enigmatic and intense, strange and unusual, distressed and delectable, guests can enjoy a remodeled restaurant, wrought with relentless spirits and topped off with a brand new Haunted Penthouse.

Owners of the building issue daring advice to guests: “Only book a stay if you are prepared to have encounters of a paranormal nature.”

Stationed above the famous Haunted Hamburger, known for being Arizona’s best burger, the penthouse provides patrons with two queen rooms, themed decor fit for fright and views to die for.

Just a scare away, at the bottom of the stone staircase the newly remodeled Clinkscale Hotel Bar and Grill takes a lead in a loving presentation of gourmet food and updated decor with historic charm. It was riginally built in 1899 with the restaurant and bar on the ground floor and six exquisite guest rooms on the upper floors. Exposed brick, hardwood floors and brown leather create an elegant and modern vibe.

Themed rooms such as Spooks, Ghosts and Goblins along with Lariat and Lace set the stage for any additional characters in the walls above.

For the next frontier in fright there is little doubt that Jerome is the place to stay when the lights go out.

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