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Dime: Why politically charged unity can’t work


The confrontations between organic unity, the virtue of mutual acceptance, and politically charged unity, the concoction of equity that provokes social conflicts, are palpable.

Organic unity, or community, will accept unique differences and embrace popular similarities. Political unity, or partisanship, exerts the institutional force of sameness or oneness which is contrary to the human psyche that prefers fluidity and abundance. 

The organic qualities of equal opportunity are vastly different from the artificial creation of diversity, equity and inclusion. Politically motivated DEI programs are unnatural, discriminatory and adverse to the human spirit of equality. DEI acolytes attempt to decree a demagoguery that desecrates the traditional virtues of faith, family and freedom inherent in a community. DEI policies are designed to institutionalize an ideology of tribalism that fosters animus rather than the inclusivity of community.

Community, the natural phenomenon as old as civilization itself, is rooted in acceptance – peace and unity, the holy trinity of human nature. Communities prosper in peace by accepting and appreciating each other’s unique spirit. Communities allow new members to settle in and bond without heavy-handed influences.

Unity will never be established by declaration. Nor will political unity ever happen by the bastardization of the human spirit. A dependent people that are forced to look, think and act in uniformity is not unity. Politically contrived uniformity is unnatural like laboratory cloning or the transhumanism of AI.

Organic unity starts with a community of neighbors that thrive on acceptance – peace and love, forming a network of communities that comprise a republic within a nation of interdependent states. A nation of communities must feel safe and secure with each other before they can reach out to connect with other nations.

American Democracy is a community that depends on individual rights to flourish. Unity comes organically, not via government dictatorship.

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