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Crowell: Truth must come out on Trump


I must respond to the letter “Trump charges are politically motivated.” I’m sick and tired of politics. I am an independent. I yearn for facts and tired of truth those who are “a walking contradiction, partly truth and partly fiction.” Tell it like it is instead of attacking people and parties. I watched as a man of honor, our own John McCain, who believed in “country first” was denigrated by a man who believes in the “me first” and “I can do anything without consequences” mentality.

No one is above the law. Many of us are tired of all of the name calling and fabrications. No special treatment should be given just because he decided to run again for office. Let all the facts come out and be aware of those that twist the truth. The end of our democracy is just what oppressors like Putin and Kim Jong Un would love to see. All votes must be counted and democracy must prevail.