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Clifford: Not happy with mail service


I get daily USPS scans of my mail. Was out of town a few days and reviewed the emails and noticed I didn’t get any of the mail scanned on September 11. I have a locked mailbox.

In the past I’ve had stacks of bank statements stuffed in my mailbox. Also had instance of carrier leaving ‘notice to pick up mail’ instead of bringing certified mail to the door where I waited all day to be at home. I went through the procedure to report missing mail. Today I got an email stating there was a resolution to my query, an apology and mail carrier issue addressed, etc.

I asked, where is my mail?!

There’s more story than just theft from mailboxes. I believe there are rogue employees and subs who are taking the mail and I wonder whether bins of dumped mail will be found or even more of my private information will be on the dark web.

K. Clifford

mail, delivery