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Carlson: Here's a new option for home-based businesses


There are well over 4,000 businesses owned and operated right here in Peoria, many of which are led by entrepreneurs trying to bring their next big idea to fruition and to the masses. Hard work often started in garages across the Valley is sometimes the starting point, and with the pandemic shifting many workers and businesses to a remote environment, it’s even more crucial to connect and provide opportunities that support small business in our community.

One of my favorite activities at the Peoria Chamber is hosting ribbon cutting events for our members. Not only are they great ways to get to know a new, re-established, or re-branded business, but they serve as phenomenal networking opportunities and community events that bring folks together in support of shopping local.

Bringing out our big scissors is pretty fun too!

However, those who don’t have a brick-and-mortar location are left out of the mix and consequently left without the ability to host a promotional event like a ribbon cutting … until now.

Operating in our new office space since May, the Peoria Chamber is equipped with meeting space that will now serve as the backdrop for Meet-and-Greet events for our residentially based businesses in Peoria and the West Valley. For those that lack the ability to meet with prospective clients or prefer not to do so within their home, this space will also serve to provide a professional meeting space, upon request.

For businesses that would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please contact memberservices@peoriachamber.com to schedule time to showcase your business! T

The Peoria Chamber of Commerce is located at 8715 W. Union Hills Drive, Suite 115, Peoria, AZ 85382