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Cap: Councilman Skillicorn is the one being uncivil


Councilmember Skillicorn calling for civility is comical and hypocritical. This man creates drama and chaos, then gets upset when Fountain Hills residents push back and disagree with him.

He is the perfect example of the boy who cries wolf. First, he tried vilifying the unhoused. Now he seems to be on the ban books bandwagon concerning our local schools. Skillicorn loves to try to bring Fountain Hills into the national spotlight. Or could it be that he is trying to put that spotlight on himself? 

Maybe Skillicorn should practice what he is preaching. If you have ever visited Councilmember Skillicorn's Twitter (X) page, you will see how he repeatedly attacks the LGBTQ+ community. He attacks the transgender community any chance he gets. Is that being civil, especially for an elected official?

Lastly, part of being civil is having open communications with your constituents. I have emailed Skillicorn with very simple, straightforward questions over the recent months. I still have not received a response. I have respectfully replied to past Facebook posts, again never receiving a response.

I may not agree with Skillicorn, but he still should do his job and at least reply. That would be civil.

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