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Guest Commentary

Campana: SUSD superintendent is equitable, inclusive and just


Dr. Menzel: “He is driven by the moral imperative to provide opportunities that are equitable, inclusive, and just for all students. This work is achieved by working collaboratively with local, state, and national partners.” (From the SUSD Website announcing his hiring)

Dr. Menzel distinguished himself even before being hired by SUSD. He is attentive, thoughtful, a careful listener, plus he’s a man of action. I’ve known every superintendent in Scottsdale for over 50 years — and so I know we are so fortunate to now have Dr. Menzel.

I made an appointment to meet with our new superintendent Menzel early on — I just wanted five minutes to say thank you when he willingly stepped in and spent his newly acquired political capital to resolve a particularly thorny issue — when it wasn’t asked or required of him. He knew! It was just the right thing to do.

That kind of courage coupled with policy wonkishness is rare. I’m a grandmother to Pueblo boys Connor and Evan, a certified SUSD volunteer, a frequent donor, and as a former mayor who has also felt the sting of whipped-up controversy.

Please feel the genuine and heartfelt support from our greater community, Dr. Menzel. Thousands of Scottsdale moms and dads and grandparents are with their kids, confident that their children’s’ most precious right — the right to a free and “equitable, inclusive and just” education is being administered with the utmost of care and politically unbridled attention led by Dr. Menzel.

I urge all of us to support Dr. Menzel. And each of the SUSD Board in order to earn this community’s ongoing confidence.