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Blochwitz: Landlord raises Sun City rent despite age, higher costs


My husband and I have lived in Sun City for 11 years now.

We chose to rent instead of buying a home. This past year my husband had lung cancer and had a lobe removed. This cancer spread to a lymph node in each lung now.

We asked out landlord to please not raise not raise our rent for this year only so we could get back on our feet. She chose to raise it $200 more per month anyway.

We are both 75 years old and still work full-time. I do home care in Sun City and he works for Walmart. I couldn’t believe a person could do this when we are already struggling to make ends meet. We are trying to buy a home here now but we only have a small amount to put down on it. My husband is doing chemo and radiation now for seven weeks and we are just hoping and praying it will kill the cancer.

So I am asking people who are Christians to pray that God will send someone to help us. I know he can, and I am a “born again” Christian.

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