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Backer: Trump worked for the people


I’m not sure why you chose to use a pen name but regardless, I think you have missed the reasons why people defend President Trump against your apparent wishes.

Just to name a few (because they are so glaring in contrast to the current administration):

• President Trump worked tirelessly to secure the southern border of the United States of America. It wasn’t to completely stop immigration, only to control it.

• President Trump worked very hard to make the United States energy independent.

• President Trump was working in all parts of the “realm” to bring peace and prosperity to all peoples but especially to “citizens” of the United States.

• President Trump was bringing jobs back to the United States for future generations. I worked many years in manufacturing and it is frightening how many industrial jobs have been sent offshore. We need those jobs, and President Trump knew this and did something about it.

• President Trump brought unemployment for all ethnic groups to record lows.

• President Trump worked to end wars and conflicts, not start them. He worked to bring the troops home.

• President Trump worked hard to lower taxes and cut regulations.

• President Trump started “opportunity zone programs” for impoverished neighborhoods.

• President Trump was crusading against human and child trafficking from day one.

• President Trump gave terminal patients the “right to try.”

• President Trump kept inflation and gas prices very low.

• President Trump donated his entire four years of salary.

I do not watch any television or listen to the radio. I am driven by common sense and that is why I appreciate what President

Trump stands for and has been trying to accomplish.