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Six Dem CD1 hopefuls united on most issues

With the six Democratic Party candidates in Arizona’s Congressional District 1 having similar views on many issues and problems, their May 15 debate was a chance to talk about their unique …

Schweikert has nine challengers in Congressional …

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Why did House Republicans just vote against expanded …

This week, hundreds of thousands of Arizona families will feel some much-needed relief as the second round of monthly Child Tax Credit payments hit bank accounts and mailboxes across the state. The …

Rep. Schweikert: The best plan for our workforce

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, our economy saw record-breaking growth. In 2018 and 2019 ,we saw wages, our unemployment rate, and revenues hit record-breaking levels.

YourValley In The Know Podcast: Arizona Congressman …

Arizona Congressman David Schweikert joins the YourValley In The Know Podcast to go on the record with Independent Newsmedia on what he is doing at Congress in Washington D.C. for his constituents …

Hamer: I endorse Schweikert for U.S. House

I am proud to endorse Rep. David Schweikert to represent Arizona’s 6th Congressional District.