Tammy Caputi announces Scottsdale City Council campaign

DRB member desires to be ‘positive voice’ for Scottsdale


Tammy Caputi, founder and president of Yale Electric West, a Scottsdale-based wholesale supplier of lighting and electrical products, has announced her run for the Scottsdale City Council.

“I want to enhance Scottsdale’s quality of life, keep property values high and property taxes low, encourage the growth of sales tax revenue from our tourism and retail sectors, and provide the level of services that Scottsdale residents have come to expect,” Ms. Caputi said in a prepared statement.

“High property values depend on excellent local schools. Education matters to Scottsdale property owners and residents, and this issue must be pursued through a cooperative partnership at all levels, which includes the city. I want our children to be able to secure a high-quality education and maximize their careers without having to leave Arizona to do so.”

Ms. Caputi is a 20-year resident of Scottsdale. She has a B.A. in Economics, a Master’s in Business Administration, and is a Fellow with the Flinn-Brown Arizona Center for Civic Leadership, according to a press release. She met her husband Steve cycling in the McDowell Mountains and all three of their daughters were born in Scottsdale.

“I am a collaborator and consensus builder; a uniter, not a divider. I view Scottsdale as one city whose best interests as a whole must be served by all of our decisions. I have had the honor to serve for the past three years on the Development Review Board, whose purpose is to maintain the quality of development in Scottsdale,” Ms. Caputi said.

“I believe that I have represented the interests of the city and applied my belief that not all projects should be approved, but all projects can be improved. All stakeholders need to be at the table; it’s essential that we represent the interests of all our residents. I want to keep Scottsdale special while recognizing that a city that fails to evolve falls behind. Great cities, like Scottsdale, learn how to maintain local flavor while moving forward. I am in favor of quality growth.”

Ms. Caputi says she runs, hikes and bikes daily.

“I’m grateful to live in a city that provides unparalleled resources for these activities. This is why I am a strong advocate of the Sonoran McDowell Mountain Preserve and all of the parks and open spaces in Scottsdale,” she said.