City Council

Scottsdale taps three on-call archaeologists for services


Identification, preservation and conservation of cultural records will continue in Scottsdale after the City Council approved three contracts for on-call archaeological services.

Council approved on consent the contracts with Archaeological Consulting Services, Desert Archaeology and Logan Simpson Design at its Dec. 4 meeting. Each contract is for one year with four one-year options.

A primary task these archaeologists will do is review archaeology reports which other qualified archaeologists prepare. City staff say those reviewing reports require “specialized skills and experience.” The amount of reports vary from year to year.

The firms may also work on special projects through an informal selection process. These projects have included trail alignments in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, the Gateway Access Area, Black Hill Dam and State Trust land. The city has budgeted $30,000 for archaeology services.

The purpose of the contracts is to keep the city within compliance with a Scottsdale Revised Code about the protection of archaeological resources. The city passed the Protection of Archaeological Resources ordinance in 1999, formalizing its commitment to the topic.

Since the ordinance’s passage, the city has used on-call services rather than full-time to pay as needed for services. City staff say the amount of work needed to adhere to the ordinance has not warranted a full-time archaeologist.

The most recent contracts garnered the City Council’s approval in 2009 and have since expired. City staff say they have been happy with the use of on-call archaeologists, prompting the continuance of their use.