Proposed Fleetwood 6 Townhomes gets final plat approval in Scottsdale


Scottsdale City Council has authorized the Fleetwood 6 final plat of a townhome development planned at 6900 E. 1st Ave.

On May 19, at the regular meeting held virtually, members approved on consent the final plat for a new residential subdivision consisting of six lots, situated downtown in an area designated as a multi-use setting, according to a city staff report that detailed specifications met from access to utility service requirements.

A preliminary plat for the townhome project, owned by Blueprint Capital Services, was approved on Oct. 3, 2019 by Scottsdale’s Development Review Board, which received an application for site plans from a Tempe-based architectural company, Synectic Design.

The mixed-use neighborhood will be surrounded by residential, office, and retail components, the report said, noting advantages of the new townhome community site added to diversify housing options in Old Town Scottsdale, located within the Scottsdale Arts District.

Future residents will have the luxury of being within walking distance of art galleries, cultural facilities and restaurants, the report said, describing the site in the area as having varying architectural styles and building heights, ranging from the 1960s-70s single-story structures to highrise-like structures with “greater intensity and building height introduced to what is otherwise a suburban area of downtown.”

Right across the street from where the townhome site will be constructed, is a multi-family development on the south side of east 1st Street with similar height, density and contemporary design as the proposed townhome community, according to the report.

The units will be developed on “fee-title lots” on an approximate 20,926-square-foot site, the report said, mentioning fee title lots rather than condominiums, adding that the townhome site will not have amenities, or parking for guests who will park curbside on 69th Street and east 1st Avenue.

Meanwhile, Blueprint Capital Services, a Seattle-based real estate investing firm started in 2009, which owns the property, will add to its growing portfolio as it transforms an existing office area on the block to the multi-family residential locale encompassing the six, three-story townhomes with large patios, balconies and a two-car garage.

Specializing in “urban housing” development, noted to be high-demand, Blueprint Capital Services has opened offices in Scottsdale, Austin, Portland, San Francisco and Washington.

The company has interests in residential housing, according to its website.