Michael Auerbach announces exploratory committee for Scottsdale City Council


Michael Auerbach of Scottsdale has announced the launch of his exploratory committee for Scottsdale City Council.

Mr. Auerbach says he sees a bright future for Scottsdale, according to a press release.

“We can preserve our unique character and grow for the future,” Mr. Auerbach said in a prepared statement. “To do that, we need a voice for enhanced tourism, smart growth, and our individual liberties.”

Mr. Auerbach is a current Parks and Recreation Commissioner and former vice chair of the Neighborhood Advisory Committee. He is also a private-chef and small business owner.

“As the only person from the hospitality industry currently exploring a run, I have the unique ability to enhance tourism in smart ways that benefit all of Scottsdale residents,” he said.

Of his position on development, Mr. Auerbach says he is for smart growth.

“There are places where an 8-story building belongs and places it doesn’t,” he said in his statement. “I will make decisions on development that both protect Scottsdale’s unique character and stimulate growth.”

Mr. Auerbach is endorsed by Representative John Kavanaugh of Legislative District 23. Mr. Kavanaugh says Auerbach would be “a voice for enhanced tourism, smart growth, values, and individual liberties.”

“As a resident, I know you value the safety of your community and keeping Scottsdale free of crime and drugs,” Mr. Kavanaugh said in a prepared statement. “As a former member of law enforcement, I know how important it is to support those who wear the badge. I can tell you with confidence that Michael Auerbach backs our law enforcement.”

Mr. Auerbach is exploring running for one of likely two open seats expected on the council. The primary election is Aug. 4.