Local author publishes first romance, suspense novel


Author Lisa Heartman recently published her first romantic suspense novel, set in the Valley entitled, “High Heels and Handguns.”

Book one in a series about a bodyguard named Kate Howard, the story involves a high-stakes FBI investigation of an explosion at a downtown Phoenix hotel and a race to prevent more mass casualties across the Valley, according to a press release.

Ms. Heartman, who lives in Gilbert, works in corporate marketing for a Scottsdale based company, the release said, adding that she began pursuing her dream to become a published author five years ago.

Ms. Heartman described the journey to High Heels and Handguns as a “true learning process,” the release said.

After her first book attempt was met with less than favorable reviews, the release said, she committed to  everything possible to get it right, including participating in writing classes, critique groups, and in-depth research on topics from guns to military life and the FBI.

Finally, the author said she wrote the book she was always meant to write.

“This has been the hardest and most fun thing I have ever done,” said Ms. Heartman in a prepared statement.

“Once Kate Howard came into my mind, something just clicked, and her story came pouring out. Now that I’m sharing Kate, and the other characters I created in the book, it feels like I’m putting a little piece of myself out into the world.”

While working a full-time job, Ms. Heartman said the novel has been a true labor of love.

“I couldn’t have done it without my husband’s enthusiasm and support, since I typically write for three to five hours every night, plus weekends and holidays. Friday night date nights have been essential,” she said.

Details about High Heels and Handguns is available at LisaHeartman.com.