Campana: Shopping, eating, reminiscing and carol singing during the holidays


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And I’ll be in line at Home Depot for a holiday poinsettia on Black Friday to begin our holidays.

Shopping local -- CattleTrack shops, SMoCA and Center for the Arts gift shops, Objects, Taliesin Gift Shop, The Linen Shop, Fifth Avenue, Scottsdale’s Old Town Farmers Market.

Clipping coupons, resisting e-commerce, mailing packages of fruit from our citrus trees, Frango cookies for all who know what they are!

The Campanas generally take in about three movies over Thanksgiving and double that over Christmas. God bless ye, merry gentleman Dan Harkins!

What would this community do without Dan providing us with an array of holiday movies, beloved musicals on Monday, film favorites on Tuesdays and even Cowboy Classics!

All my family has a Loyalty Cup in their Christmas stocking and I have Star Wars tickets already. December offerings: Wizard of Oz, It’s a Wonderful Life, Elf and Polar Express! Are you Frozen, too?

Although we love home cooking and baking days --- I find myself dining reminiscently (is that a word?). Where is Don & Charlie’s? Cowboy Ciao?

They just tore down Reubens! My Chicago partner noshes on Portillos and White Castle when we can get in. We’re trying to add new favorites: Citizen’s Public House, The New Café, Herb Box, and Andaz.

Hoping we can get into Rancho Pinot Grill, GrassRoots, Elements, Tap Kitchen, AZ 88. And we’ll be ordering in Julio’s for family coming back for a visit!

Bless you, Eddie Basha, for wonderful groceries, courteous staff, and Native American/Mexican/Hanukkah ingredients. Maybe wassail from Oxford or salmon from Portland family visitors too.

Loving gifts to myself this year --- an early Thanksgiving while my lassies Clare Grace, and twins Amelia and Nicola were visiting from Ireland with their parents Richie and Melissa. Helping my grandsons Connor and Evan rehearse for the Christmas Children’s Choir at OLPH.

What a lifelong skill to know all the stanzas to God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman, O Come All Ye Faithful, and Away in a Manger.

Up front seats to Ballet Arizona Nutcracker with my BFF’s three grandchildren in starring (!) roles. Hosting Christmas Dinner for The Hatters --- six women who have dined every month together for 36 years!

So out with the strings of holiday lights blinking bright red and green. Up with the five trees all shiny turquoise and blue.

Careful with the vintage ornaments and silver ‘50’s Christmas tree. Dozens of birds adornments for the outside steel one. Stockings are hung over the FiestaWare cabinets, sheet music for piano and guitar ready…O Holy Night!

Giving thanks for our blessings in Scottsdale. Hope to see you at Scottsdazzle along the Waterfront.

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly – Fa la la la la la. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

Editor’s Note: Sam Campana is a resident of Scottsdale and former mayor.