Ask the Editor: How do I obtain my legislator’s voting record?

The state capitol of Arizona is found in downtown Phoenix.
The state capitol of Arizona is found in downtown Phoenix.
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On the Arizona State Legislature’s website,, there is a wealth of information ranging from upcoming calendars, information about the state senate and house leaders and a system to track bills as they go through the arduous legislative process.

And, while access to profiles of the elected and bills they have sponsored is available, there isn’t a digital version of a voting record. That requires a phone call down to the state capitol.

Both the Arizona House and Senate have a number to call to request your elected person’s voter record.

For Scottsdale, the elected House members are Jay Lawrence and John Kavanagh, of Legislative District 23; while Michelle Ugenti-Rita is the elected senate member for the district.

After only a couple of minutes on the phone, I learned to obtain a voter record for my elected officials, I would need .25 per page and a field trip down to the capitol to pick up my request. No digital copies are obtained.

And, further: they don’t accept debit or credit cards. Cash or check only.

The other option, for free, is to spend some time at the capitol viewing their records in-office, without taking a copy with me for my use.

The employees on the other end of the line estimated each representatives’ voter record is in the range of 22-28 pages per year. I was initially calling for three years worth of records for six people --- covering political votes for Scottsdale and Paradise Valley.

If each representative’s average voter record is 24 pages per year; at a cost of $.25 per page equals $6. The $6, for six representatives equals out to be a cost of $36 for one year’s worth of records.