Meet Your Neighbor: Joel Harris, CEO of Sterling Services

Joel Harris

Your Name: Joel Harris

Business Name: Sterling Services

Town/Neighborhood: Queen Creek and surrounding areas

Hours of operation: We are a 24/7 service provider taking care of people’s needs 365 days of the year. Unfortunately plumbing and air-conditioning systems don’t have hours in which they plan to fail, so we don’t have hours either.

What I do: My background (and our core business) is residential and commercial air -conditioning and heating. As Sterling Services grew, we added plumbing services at the request of our rapidly growing customer base. Plumbing and water products has since become a big part of the business mix and is a great complimentary line of work.

What I like most about doing business here: I enjoy how connected the community is. Doing business with residential customers as well as businesses, you really see firsthand that when you meet someone, you will each likely find yet another person in your same circle. There’s definitely some kind of “6 degrees of Queen Creek” going on.

What am I promoting: Renew Air. I helped a personal friend launch Renew Air, a duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning business a couple of years ago. As he grew out of doing this and wanted to pursue other work, we brought on the operation and find that it goes great with our other services.

What I’m excited about and why: I’m excited about Fall. We do seasonal charity drives this time of year and are offering a $20 discount off of any service in exchange for much-needed necessities that will be donated to the House of Refuge during the month of November.

Favorite community cause and why: I enjoy working with other Chamber of Commerce members such as The House of Refuge and The United Food Bank. We conduct regular drives with them in which we are able to get our employees, customers, and other small businesses involved in helping out these great causes.

When and why I started my business/employment here: After spending 20 years with other companies in the HVAC industry, I realized there were many areas I could improve upon by creating my own business model. That was almost 12 years ago now and that initial vision continues to materialize.

My guiding philosophy: Do everything like it’s the only thing and never stop learning.

My advice to today’s youth: Work towards eliminating those nasty self-limiting beliefs. (Hint: You might even discover that they probably did not start out as your own beliefs anyway.)