Peoria vice mayor, mayor pro tem selected


The Peoria City Council unanimously voted Councilman Michael Finn as the vice mayor and Councilman Jon Edwards as the mayor pro tem, Jan. 7.

When terms for vice mayor and mayor pro tem end, the city charter requires the council elect those positions.

The vice mayor serves in the absence or disability of the mayor and mayor pro tem serves in absence or disability of the mayor and vice mayor.

The city council voted to make the vice mayor and mayor pro tem one-year positions.

Both positions serve at the pleasure of council and at terms established by city council.

Previously Councilwoman Bridget Binsbacher served as vice mayor and Councilwoman Vicki Hunt served as mayor pro tem.

Mayor Cathy Carlat said council is thrilled to kick off a productive start of a new decade and is committed to ensuring the operation of the city continues in the most effective, transparent and forward-thinking manner working to build Peoria’s finest future.

“The appointment of these positions is critically important as we take care to protect Peoria residents from any lapse in accountable leadership and proper representation,” Ms. Carlat said in a statement. “I am thankful that Vice Mayor Finn and Mayor Pro Tem Edwards stepped up to represent our community in these important positions; and I am grateful for the tireless work and extra responsibilities that Councilmembers Binsbacher and Hunt took on over the past year.”

Both councilmen are on their second term sitting on the city council.

Mr. Finn’s term on the council expires in 2022. He represents the Palo Verde District.

He was also the former chief financial officer for the Peoria Unified School District and provided more than 20 years of leadership experience to United Parcel Service and US Airways.

Mr. Edwards’ term on the council expires at the end of this year. He represents the Willow District.

Previously, he served as a program/project manager responsible for two fortune 500 companies.

Mr. Edwards has served on the Valley Metro Board of Directors and the WESTMARC Executive Committee.

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