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Ecker: Peoria airpark shouldn’t be on backs of residents


After just reading the Peoria Independent article that references the proposed airpark (“Peoria opts to remove 2 general plan proposals after taking input from residents”), I would like to comment on intentions listed within the article as a resident, within the affected area.

Firstly, I felt that the article was well written and very thorough to the point that at some point I think it might have started people to think that this will eventually happen. Like with any argument over time by over explaining your point you can most certainly wear folks down by having the power of government or exposure to their point of view. And this article does just that.

On the one hand we talk abut general plans but there’s amendments to override the original points; it’s seems that there is always a way around things if you have the money, time, or political might to do so.

You could and do make an argument for the development of such an endeavor for such a acquisition to cloud its effect for the “development and stature” of our community; got it….. but who does it really profit in the long run?

I do realize that it’s a balance to develop and grow a community from nothing. One must weigh to really see the profit and loss of such an action. But to be specific, on the surface I like the idea of building the chip factory out in the desert, but the congestion to the area will ultimately be its downfall. The fallout of this project will mean more housing, retail and so much more that it’ll ruin the existing area. The folks here didn’t want 30,000 more people moving into the area.

So goes the area of the airpark; its one thing to have a regional airport to service the people for ease of flight, but to put an airpark for commercial or private use seems to be somewhat of a self-centered action on the part of a few.

Yes, after the studies confirm the right to follow through on the endeavor (and I can make an argument for or against it), I can only ask what down hill profits will also be seen. Mind you, the area around the initial airport traffic area will be bought for relatively pennies but the adjacent land use will become worth billions, and I’d bet that the land development management companies are already buying up that land for those same pennies as folks in the know will say it’ll happen. What do you suppose are the purpose of all those huge open factories going up along the west side of Loop 303 are for?

I realize that the development within the area rests on those areas yet to be developed or otherwise we’d have to add the additional cost of rebuilding the area, but I also feel that development must take into consideration what’s already here and give voice and strength to those wishes. There’s something to be said, “not in my back yard,” and only now can see the point.

Let the city take a page out of the federal government’s book when they sought a new army base or airfield. They bought the most worthless piece of land they could find and then spent billions to develop it. Let the city find a place so far removed from access and tell the developers that if they want it then they have to find the water and build the roads and pay for the schools to have it their way. It might take longer to see a profit but it shouldn’t be on the backs of the citizens to help bring it to fruition.