Carpet mystery at Peoria Sports Complex


The San Diego Padres, who call the Peoria Sports Complex their home during spring training, will get some unexpected clubhouse improvements.

Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities Director John Sefton said the clubhouse carpet has experienced ongoing failure since it was installed seven seasons ago, delaminating from the floor, especially in high-traffic areas. This has created a safety hazard and is in need of repair, he said.

The Peoria City Council approved a budget amendment authorizing the appropriation of $200,000 to complete the replacement of the failing carpet in the clubhouse at the Peoria Sports Complex, 16101 N. 83rd Ave. 

Mr. Sefton said the current carpet was installed in 2013. About 18 months after the installation it began to fray at the seems and contractors glued it back. But three years later additional frays at high traffic areas occurred, he said. 

The contractor made repairs at their cost even though the installation warranty had expired, Mr. Sefton said. 

“The general contractor conducted a series of tests looking at everything from the product to materials, pre-existing flooring, carpet glue, installation methods, active wear and tear, a complete analysis. The study didn’t identify one contributing factor as to why it delaminated,” Mr. Sefton said. “There was no one reason why it went bad. But I could probably suggest that there were several hundred 6-foot-tall 200-pound athletes walking over this area several times a day as a contributing factor, among other things.”

The first game of spring training  is Feb. 22.

In the meantime, the city will scope a new carpet that will endure the facility’s unique users and their unique impact on the space. For this season, contractors will fix the carpet on an interim basis to mitigate safety, and then a permanent fix will be installed after spring training.

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