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Glascock: Stanton is the right choice for Paradise Valley mayor


I have known Mark Stanton since the day he was born. He is my younger brother. He has been my friend and advocate since before I can remember.

Why do I believe Mark should be the next mayor of Paradise Valley? He has fortitude, drive, strength and the desire to see Paradise Valley from a two-fold perspective – his history of the town and his understanding of how Paradise Valley has grown while maintaining its charm.

Now he wants to make sure you, the residents of Paradise Valley, continue feeling safe, secure and proud to live here. Mark has followed through on his commitment that you have the safety this town has promised. He has fought to limit short- term rentals to assure that your neighborhoods are safe.  He knows how important and appealing it is for Paradise Valley not to pay municipal property taxes.  That is why he has been a proponent and active supporter of our beautiful resorts.

Mark loves Arizona. He has held several offices that make him the most qualified candidate to serve as mayor. He understands how to advance important interests of the town at the state and county level. The governor appointed him to be the deputy director of The Arizona Office of Tourism. He represented Paradise Valley at the county level by being chief of staff for the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors – District 3 and he is actively involved in economic development and quality of life initiatives. 

We all have many memories of Paradise Valley. Mark has always believed that Paradise Valley is a rare “gem.” He will always strive to keep it what it has always been and always will be…our town.  Everyone protects their home and Mark will always protect Paradise Valley.

Mark Stanton should be the next Mayor of Paradise Valley because he will always keep Paradise Valley as a top priority (stanton4PV.com). On July 30, vote Mark Stanton for mayor of Paradise Valley.

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