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Dembow: Experience matters


I am excited and proud to announce that I am running to continue my tenure of service to Paradise Valley and to keep my seat on the Paradise Valley Town Council.

If you like where you live, I am your candidate.

I’ve served the town alongside four mayors and dozens of council members over the past 11 years, as councilman, vice mayor, and volunteer.

I’ve raised five children in this town, and maintaining the quality of life in our community remains my passion and my priority as my wife and I raise our three still at home.

The Wall Street Journal identified Paradise Valley as the one of best places to live and I couldn’t agree more. We have earned this national recognition, and I’m proud of my part in the process that led us here through my service and voting record, which includes:

  •  100% voting record for property owner rights, one house per acre zoning for non-SUP properties, and low density SUP properties
  •  100% voting record for limited government. I voted to ensure you right to pick the vendor for your trash services vs. having the government dictate the vendor
  •  100% voting record on regulating short term rental party houses
  •  100% voting record to ensure our accredited police force has what it needs including personnel and the technology to keep us safe
  •  100% voting record to maintain our views, open spaces, and protect our mountains
  •  100% voting record that supports fiscal responsibility

Our economic future is bright! We continue to meet the town’s financial needs without a local property tax, and our only industry, our resorts, are thriving.

Through my tenure on the board of Experience Scottsdale, I have fostered a fantastic working relationship with the leaders of our resorts and look forward to continuing to supporting them as distinguished destinations.

The last few years have taken us through uncharted territory, but I am so proud that the work we have done during this time has paid off, and Paradise Valley is as strong now as it has always been beautiful. I am focused on continuing to work in this spirit.

I am the only candidate in this race asking for your support solely in the form of a vote. This election, like the last one, I am not asking for donations or spending a penny. I have never accepted campaign funds from any entity or individual.

Every other candidate is asking for financial support in order to spend on social media ads and political advisors to shape the publics image of who they are as a candidate. With me, what you see is what you get.

My voting record and service record are fact, and I won’t waste resources, mine or yours, on paying someone to spin my work and my values into pretty picture through paid advertising.

If you like living in Paradise Valley, if you like what I have done for this town, and you want a Councilperson to continue pursue the path we’re on, then I’m your candidate.

I would appreciate your vote on Aug. 2.

Editor’s Note: Paul Dembow is a two-term councilman seeking re-election to the Paradise Valley Town Council.