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Von Esse: Online school helped me thrive as a college student


When I was preparing for high school, my parents and I shared the goal of becoming college-ready, something that was new territory for our family. We chose Arizona Virtual Academy for its accreditation status, but throughout my four years at AZVA I learned how much more online education has to offer.

My time at AZVA created numerous opportunities for my future. The school’s flexible structure helped me discover when and how I learn best. The learning strategies I crafted during that time helped my productivity in high school, in college, and even 10 years later as I now work remotely.

I still remember my 10th-grade history teacher who encouraged me to strive for academic excellence and be comfortable being uncomfortable. She truly pushed me to be more and do more than I thought was possible, which ultimately led to me receiving a full-ride scholarship to Arizona State University.

At ASU, I enrolled in nearly 20 credit hours each semester and took online classes when they were still new to most of my classmates. My ability to work independently and my comfort with learning online impressed my advisors and gave me the confidence to push myself — something I continue to do in my career.

I felt more prepared to tackle college because of learning online in high school. To this day, I am an advocate for online learning and the confidence, independence, and other valuable life skills it can impart.

Editor’s note: Vera Von Esse is a resident of Mesa.