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Mesa tourism generated economic impact of $1.2B in 2023, report says


Visit Mesa revealed tourism brought a hefty amount of money to the city’s economy during 2023, according to a report.

The report from Tourism Economics, which is an Oxford Economics company, said visitor spending grew 5.4% to $748.6 million in 2023, which generated an overall economic impact of $1.2 billion. That impact sustained 8,071 jobs and generated $84.7 million in state and local tax revenues, according to the press release.

Out of that $748.6 million in visitor spending, the majority was on lodging with $257.9 million (34.5%) in 2023, according to the report. $198.8 million went to food and beverages (26.6%), $118.5 million was spent on retail (15.8%), $106.9 million on transportation (14.3%), and $66.5 million on entertainment and recreation (8.9%).

“This study shows that visitors bring significant economic benefits to our community. The revenue generated by visitor spending is a driver of Mesa’s economy, supporting local businesses, creating jobs, and enhancing our city’s development,” Mesa Mayor John Giles said.

The report also found the $748.6 million in visitor spending meant that $2 million was spent by visitors every day in Mesa. To replace the visitor-generated taxes received by state and local governments, each household in the city would need to be taxed an additional $439.

The 8,071 jobs sustained by visitor spending make up 7.1% of all jobs in Mesa. The $84.7 million in state and local taxes generated by tourism is enough to cover the average salaries of 1,050 police officers in Mesa, according to the press release.

“The visitor industry serves as a crucial economic driver for the city, producing tax revenue and creating jobs that our residents depend on,” said Marc Garcia, President and CEO of Visit Mesa. “This report highlights the significance of the travel sector, not only through direct visitor spending but also in its overall economic impact on the broader economy.”

The full report can be viewed at: https://www.visitmesa.com/visitorsmeanbusiness/data-research/ by scrolling down the page and selecting the visitor impact report.