Speed humps to be added to Bird Lane in Litchfield Park


Speed humps and signage will soon be added along Bird Lane to slow traffic. The effects will be studied and could lead to more speed humps being added throughout the city if effective or a restrategizing on traffic calming techniques if inneffective.

“If it works, we’ll probably see more places where we’re gonna put speed bumps in, just to slow traffic down. Because it’s gotten ridiculous in some of these streets,” Mayor Tom Schoaf said.

Last month, City Council unanimously approved a budget of $10,000 for the installation of six speed humps and 12 signs along Bird Lane, which stretches between Litchfield Road and Villa Nueva Drive.

The humps will be six feet wide and three inches tall at their peak. Speed humps are more gradual than speed bumps, which are shorter and taller.

“I’m sure they’ll have the impact of slowing things down. You know, people will not be driving 40 or 50 miles (per hour) on Bird Lane anymore,” Mr. Schoaf said.Speed humps to be added to Bird Lane