Safin: Prep for fall


‘Tis the season for lots of festivals, fairs, and carnivals! Plus, there are school sports, professional sports, dances and lots of other fall fun. My shameless plug is for the Southwest Valley Chamber’s annual safe Halloween event, “A Bootiful Night at the Chamber,” on Tuesday Oct. 29. It’s fun for the entire family. But wait, there’s more!

Remind your family and friends returning for winter the Southwest Valley Chamber is a visitor center. We have oodles of information on places to eat, shop, play and make a memory in the community, in the region and around the state. Here’s a secret: residents can use the visitor center, too.

The Southwest Valley Chamber has new professional training classes coming soon, and we’re prepping for the coming State Legislative sessions. Public policy/advocacy is one of the most unique and important functions of the Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is one entity speaking for thousands of voices from the business community. The other is engaging with our local and state elected officials about matters important to the business community. It’s the Chamber’s obligation to advocate for free enterprise, encourage business growth and help maintain a stable economy and high quality of life. Of course, giving referrals to area businesses is the most frequent way the Chamber uses its voice.

Please get involved in the community whether it’s with your neighbors on your street or the entire Southwest Valley area. There’s always something happening, which is the reason it’s always a great day in the Southwest Valley!

Editor’s note: Mr. Safin is the President and CEO of the Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce.