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Serdy: Opinion was full of misinformation, contradictions


There has been an opinion published regarding my support for a tourism project on private land at the end of Peralta Road. The piece is simply full of misinformation and contradictions.

Let’s start with the assertion that “I really wanted this project.” Well yes, I have always been for bringing tourism and amenities to our region. From my beginnings on City Council and then as mayor, I advocated for entrepreneurs and local businesses by going to bat for embattled restaurants such as the Hitching Post and battling against COVID lockdowns which threatened many with closure. In fact, one of the deciding factors for me to seek the county supervisor’s position was my predecessor’s refusal to go to bat for the Mining Camp restaurant in their bid to reopen after the devastating fire. When we lose an institution like that the whole area suffers the loss.

The second contradictory statement was that at first people spoke out against the project, then they didn’t and it was approved. No one spoke in opposition because obviously when they saw what the project actually was, they were astute enough to understand and no longer be naysayers.

Being a county supervisor is much more encompassing than showing up on meeting days to cast votes. It is my responsibility to be aware of projects such as these, and this particular one was years in the making, so my staff and I had already had briefings, taken tours and even given tours to those that had concerns. We were concurrently working to stabilize the area by addressing fencing, traffic and other infrastructure...much more than a yay or a nay.

Lastly, the accusation that I appoint folks to boards and commissions that are like minded? Well, of course I plead guilty to that. When folks vote for a candidate, it’s up to that office holder to live up to the pledges and the mindset they voted for. One would have to be a fool to surround themselves with personnel that work against them. Unfortunately this appears to be the case with the author of the aforementioned hit piece. I regretfully had to remove her from an appointed position after repeated negativity, working against my office and suffering late night hate-filled rants directed at me on neighborhood pages.

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