Valley Voices
Rippere: Support for Florence Copper, Kyle Larsen as mayor

I am writing in support of Florence Copper and with that I am also advocating for a change in town mayoral leadership. I am a geological engineer and have been involved in the mining industry …

Wilson: Calls for civility in discourse

Lux: Responds to rebuttal on mail ballots

Collins: Counters commentary on elections


Lux: Calls Kirby’s commentary claims ‘untrue’

In response to Pam Kirby’s recent commentary (“We must reopen schools to protect our children’s future,” Daily Independent, Oct. 14, 2020), I’d like to offer a few …
Anthony Kern

Kern: Opposes propositions 207, 208 for Arizona

As Arizona leaves the summer heat behind, we are headed into the heat of the 2020 election.

Goncalves: What has happened to civility?

I just returned from the Sun City West Post Office where I was attacked verbally because I have a Trump 2020 magnet on my car. As I was about to get into my car, a woman stopped her car in back of …
Pam Kirby

Kirby: We must reopen schools to protect our children’s future

While Democrats favor political games over the education of children across the nation, President Trump has unapologetically fought for the well-being of our students to safely return to school.

Lux: Wear masks to help stop pandemic

Herman Cain caught the virus at Trump’s Tulsa rally and died. Four people from Trump’s Minnesota rally caught the virus, three are in the hospital, one on a ventilator. And Trump’s …

Tyree: I am committed to serving you in Arizona Senate

Neighbors and friends, my name is Sarah Tyree and I want to earn your vote to be the next state senator for Legislative District 22.

Bale: Supports marijuana legalization

I see all the signs opposing the legalization of marijuana, mostly misleading. Colorado has shown that teen use was down, impaired driving was down and state coffers up after legalization. Facts are: …

Boyer: Our community safety now jeopardized

After talking to residents across Phoenix and Glendale, the one thing I hear most is they want safe neighborhoods and safe communities.

Ervin: I’ll work to bring bipartisan solutions

I am running for State Senator to bring these desperately needed values to our Legislature to forge bipartisan solutions to the issues our state is facing and help the working families of Arizona.

Quinn: Wild horses, burros need protection

I am writing to you today to save our American wild horses and burros. The American wild horses and burros are on public land where they belong. The welfare rancher’s cattle belong on their …