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Reveles: Reject violence against the rule of law


The below statement was made at the May 1 meeting of the Pinal County Board of Supervisors.

We are all understandably overwhelmed and disturbed by news of campus protests, news of indictments of fellow Arizonans posing as fake presidential electors, news of a former president sitting in a courtroom for allegations of criminal actions.

All of us wish these weren’t the reality of our times. However, rather than decry, detract and avoid discussing these horrific times, we should accept this reality as precious teaching moments.

Opportunities to reflect on our rights and responsibilities, to reinvigorate our belief in the foundational values that undergird our democratic republic – truth, transparency, and accountability.

A time for all of us to go beyond rote platitudes and genuinely renew our pledge of allegiance to our democratic republic and to our Constitution.

As a longtime participant at all levels of government, I’m constantly encouraged that here at our local Board of Supervisors meetings we witness government at its best and at its most challenging moments.

The sometimes-difficult interaction among board members, the challenging interaction with some of us members of the public, but all of us expressing ourselves without fear of violence because of differences of opinion.

Yes, it’s dismaying to see campus protests that go beyond peaceable assembly but no more disturbing than seeing violent protesters attacking our nation’s Capitol.

These are teaching moments that underscore rights and responsibilities, that affirm our Constitution’s principles that no campus protester and no former president is above the law.

I encourage all of us to use these teaching moments and renew our faith in our 248 years of self-governance.

We must reject violence against the rule of law wherever it appears — on the campus, at the Capitol and on the campaign trail.

Let us all renew our commitment to civil dialogue as we continue our country’s journey to a more perfect union. My hope springs eternal.

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