Layout approved for 179-lot Lennar Homes subdivision


The final plat --- or map -- has been approved for a proposed 179-lot Goldview subdivision of conventional single-family homes at the southwest corner of Southern Avenue and Goldfield Road.

The Apache Junction City Council in a consent agenda vote recently approved the final plat as presented by Lennar Homes, represented by Todd Skoro.

Planning staff recommended conditional approval of the final plat, subject to last-detail-related items, Sidney Urias, the city’s senior planner, said in a memo to the council.

According to city documents:

  • The proposed development will not be age-restricted.
  • In lieu of required off-site half-street improvements for Southern Avenue fronting the project, the developer shall design and install road improvements from the intersection of Starr Road and Southern Avenue north within the Starr Road right-of-way to Old West Highway. The City of Apache Junction shall acquire the right-of-way necessary for such improvements. Street improvements include, but are not necessarily limited to, extension of pavement and the provision of sidewalk, curb, gutter, streetlights, underground utilities, fire hydrants, landscaping shall be required as part of this planned development project, and subject to review and approval by the city engineer.
  • Landscape, screening and irrigation improvements are to be planted within a minimum 15-feet deep strip inside the net property line --- but outside of required walls --- along the perimeters of the property.
  • A total of 25% of the internal open space shall be usable open space and recreational amenities shall be provided in compliance with the city’s Parks and Recreation standards for HOA maintained areas.