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Experts: Is it OK to pay your employees in Bitcoin?

A trend has emerged where some celebrities, professional athletes, or other high net worth individuals are asking to be paid...

Will your license fly? Arizona Travel ID deadline just around the corner

Next year might feel like a long way away, but it’ll be here quickly.

Hettick: Let’s consider the role of women in film industry

The medium of the movies helps to project information, opinions and policy.

Robinson: It’s time for us to choose better leaders for Arizona

I don’t write this to try and tell or convince you how to vote or whom to vote for.

Miller: Let’s raise the age for guns, voting to 21

In the wake of the Uvalde, Texas shooting, there is a very strong clamor for doing “something” about gun control.

Breen: Does GOP really care about life? What about shooting victims?

How easy is it for us to “normalize” murder.

Bowers: Prison sentencing reform among my key issues

District 4 voters and neighbors! I am a candidate for a District 4 seat in the Arizona House (the district was formerly 28 but was renumbered).

Casem: You can help protect Arizona’s forests from wildfire

As our temperatures warm up, our fire activity across Arizona is picking up and we urge all Arizonans to be prepared and take preventative measures around their property, before it’s too late. So, what does that mean to you?

Everything you wanted to know about the World Series … but were afraid to ask

Imagine you’re at an outdoor dinner party (yes, COVID-friendly). It’s October, and the conversation steers towards the World Series. While you are generally culturally literate, you know …

Christensen: Health literacy more important than ever for Arizonans in ongoing COVID-19 crisis

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted millions across the country, and Arizona has not been spared. This virus and its resulting economic fallout have put a harsh spotlight on rising health care …
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CheckmarkLook for common ground. When disagreeing with others, look for even small areas of agreement — which can be the gateway to working together for the greater good.

Checkmark Respect privacy. Keep private things private — whether it involves your own information or those with whom you disagree. Revealing private information about someone else is rude, unethical, potentially harmful and, in many cases, illegal.

Checkmark Set a good example. Practice civil behavior online as well as in public and in your interaction with others. Encourage others to practice these civil behaviors. And it's OK to challenge disrespectful behavior — but be courteous, respectful and helpful in your approach.

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Latest regional, state and national issues

Copeland: Believes abortion is murder

Some people are acting as if abortion is a God-given right. I’m sure that God, who values all human life, would not be in favor of abortion.

Forsythe: Peoria is being ruled by small group of elites

Democracy is worth fighting for - Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, John Adams, et al per the Declaration of Independence - 1776.
Amy Hinojosa

Hinojosa: Latino community deserves a full commitment to opportunity

Hispanic workers, from entrepreneurs to farmworkers, are a unique strength of the American economy.
Lin Sue Flood

Flood: Teeing it up for Hospice of the Valley

It was a picture-perfect day out at Grayhawk Golf Club for Hospice of the Valley’s 2024 Pro-Am Golf Tournament, presented by Cigna Healthcare.

Akerhielm: Responding to letter, "Climate panic movement not catching on"

Former Republican senator and physician Tom Patterson makes some good points in his letter. However, his true colors are revealed when he declares that going green will drive us into poverty based on …

Esposito: History is being made. Will you be a part of it?

A nine-year journey, starting with the three-year effort to get Fountain Hills designated as an International Dark Sky Community, has finally led to the April 8 groundbreaking ceremony for the …

No Owners. No Shareholders. Community journalism just for you!

Dear Valued Readers: Thank you for supporting us at Independent Newsmedia through your voluntary pay contributions. We hope you agree that our dedication to covering nonpartisan, community news is …
David Williams

Williams: FDA finally realizes that yogurt is healthful

To millions of Americans who gulp down daily spoonfuls of yogurt, the dairy product’s health benefits are a no-brainer.

Bill: ASU support for Discovery Center

As the construction of International Dark Sky Discovery Center develops, so does the interest in collaborative opportunities with Arizona State University. Although ASU President Michael Crow …

Shinkoskey: Are you helping democracy?

What are some personal things folks are doing that impede democracy?
Karen Kerrigan

Kerrigan: Financial dangers grow with government overreach on 'junk fees'

Calls for government intervention in the economy are often promoted as a way to provide relief and fairness.

King: Protesters cause problems?

It is absolutely ridiculous that protesters feel they have the right to get in traffic and block people from getting to work, to stop emergency vehicles from possibly saving someone’s life or getting to someone to assist them.
Chris Woodward

Woodward: Some states push back on blocking low-cost drug program

Some states are pushing back on attempts by drug companies to roll back a discount program “safety net” health providers use to care for vulnerable, low-income Americans.

James: Keep an eye out for invasive weeds

There is an unwelcome newcomer in Fountain Hills. Disguising itself as a spring wildflower and producing those pretty little yellow balls, it won't be quite so pretty after it completely takes …

Schmidt: Seeing speeders in Sun City West

I am glad to see that they are monitoring the traffic, especially on R.H. Johnson.

Cohen: Not pleased with RCSC decisions

It is my understanding that Sun City Board Members represent the residents of Sun City. If you represent a group of citizens, you first seek their opinions prior to making decisions.
J. Christian Adams

Adams: Voter rolls, the key to Clean Elections

In this presidential election year, the question is whether we have made improvements to our election system to ensure an honest and clean election.

Goncalves: Trump accusations frightening?

I just read the two letters to the editor regarding Donald Trump and it is frightening to read the absolute hatred of this man.
Robin Ganzert

Ganzert: Congress should throw service dog programs a bone

Congress has averted another government shutdown. But often lost in the shuffle during these multi-trillion-dollar budget battles are appropriations for lifesaving veteran programs that employ wagging tails to heal invisible wounds of war.

Bill: History in the making at Discovery Center groundbreaking

A nine-year journey, starting with the three-year effort to get Fountain Hills designated as an International Dark Sky Community, has finally led to the groundbreaking of the International Dark Sky …

Utke: Board should retain at least one branch

I am a resident of Sun City as of 2021 and have recently become aware of the potential loss of the current library branches as the governing board makes future plans.
John R. Schrock

Schrock: Why some bridges collapse

Only four months after completion in 1940, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington State collapsed.
Sally Pipes

Pipes/Winegarden: Global collaboration on reference models will further depersonalize healthcare

Question: What’s worse than government bureaucrats in Washington declaring the value of your medicine? Answer: Bureaucrats from Boston, London, Ottawa and Diemen establishing that value.

Backer: Has positive view of Trump

This is in response to Bill Windsor’s opinion piece found in the March 27, 2024 issue of the Independent.
Tom Patterson

Patterson: Climate panic movement not catching on

The Great Climate Change Revolution is headed for failure. You can tell that because it is already in big trouble before the ultimate heavy lifting has even started.

Erskine: Enjoys tranquility of PV

I agree that there has to be some rules for pickleball courts in residential areas as the sounds coming from the games are very loud and intrusive.
Dan Leonard

Leonard: Protect American patients by eliminating the pill penalty

Life-science researchers are thrilled about the advances made with “small-molecule” medicines.

Unkefer: The Paradise Valley sound ordinance is sufficient

I own a pickleball court. It is for our personal use with friends and family. We do not play after 10 p.m. Our court is far from neighboring homes. We don't hold any "leagues or tournaments." …

Nussbaum: Legislation strips away petitioning power

I recently learned of a complaint filed to Secretary of State Adrian Fontes by Third Way, a national think tank that champions modern center-left ideas.

Fanguen: Schweikert pioneered same legislation as anti-abortion groups in front of Supreme Court

As the U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments that could “pave the way toward a national abortion ban” by severely restricting access to the medication mifepristone, David Schweikert and …