Voters turn down Dysart district requests

Bond approval, override continuation both failed


Both the Dysart Unified School District bond issue and budget override election issues failed to pass.

Unofficial results from the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office show the bond approval received 48% for yes, and the budget override continuation received about 43% for yes.

About 2,500 homes in the northwest portion of Sun City West, known as the expansion area, and about 175 homes in the center of the community near the commercial district, are in the school district and their property tax bill includes payments to the school district.

Dr. Quinn Kellis, DUSD superintendent, said several years ago t residences in Sun City and Sun City West de-annexed from the district because residents were opposed to a bond increase. The area known as the Expansion Area in Sun City West didn’t have houses then and was not included.

Bob Miller, Property Owners and Residents Association of Sun City West governing board member, coordinated a public meeting Oct. 10 for Sun City West residents to receive information directly from the school district officials and to ask questions.

Approximately 60 residents attended the presentation.
DUSD has a total of 26 schools, four of which are high schools. Dr. Kellis added it has been 13 years since a bond issue was approved by the voters in the district, and one was turned down in 2013.