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Todd: Renewable energy here to stay

I must address the letter from Rich Andrews in the Aug. 30 Sun City edition of the Independent. Like many older Americans accustomed to the “way things always have been,” Rich missed the mark on his criticism of the current administration. I wonder if you, Rich, would have objected to the combustion engine when it was introduced in the 19th century. Maybe a horse or a mule instead? Renewable energy is here to stay Rich. We’ve been killing our environment for far too long. The thought process that fed the last century, mining coal and destroying the land, oil extraction and destroying the land, uranium mining and, oh yes, destroying the land, just won’t work. Our environment is on the brink. Maybe you don’t have grandchildren. I do and hope we can save our land and air for them. As for the Biden family being bought by our enemies A reminder, Jared Kushener (Trump’s son in law) received $3 billion from the Saudis. President Biden’s son did profit from dealings with foreign governments. He’s been punished for his crimes. He is not part of the administration, as Jared and Ivanka were. Time to turn off Fox News and expand our minds.