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Tash: Spring sees spike in divorce rates in Maricopa County


The start of spring has statistically marked the start of divorce season here in the Valley. Statistics confirm that March, for the last 10-year period, is the month with the highest new divorce filings in Maricopa County.

Various factors contribute to this trend, including couples emerging from the New Year and Valentine’s Day with aspirations for a fresh start. Additionally, the onset of tax season often sheds light on financial matters that may influence the decision to part ways.

We understand that divorce can be both a financial and emotional burden. However, it is crucial to recognize that certain joint obligations must still be fulfilled during this initial phase until legal matters are resolved. These may include mortgage or rent payments as well as filing your taxes or requesting an extension.

Self-care is paramount during this troubling time. It is essential to prioritize rest, socializing with friends, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and engaging in activities that bring solace and joy. So, carve out time for that pilates or yoga class, get a massage and grab your favorite latte.

For parents, it is even more imperative to take care of yourself. Children often maintain demanding schedules filled with extracurricular activities such as sports, dance classes, music lessons and tutoring. Maintaining a sense of normalcy and routine for them is crucial amidst these family dynamic changes.

Now, let us get real. While divorce is rarely considered a positive event, you can still have a good divorce. You and your attorney can construct an agreement that reaches all the legal requirements both efficiently and affordably. The key is to avoid certain situations and behaviors such as involving children in conflicts, unwarranted law enforcement involvement, or succumbing to emotional instability or violence.

As emphasized in our book, Does a Good Divorce Really Exist? (Absolutely!), regardless of the reasons prompting your divorce, negative feelings towards your soon to be former spouse should not cloud your judgement. Our goal is to provide a survival guide and roadmap to help couples navigate divorce amicably. There will be many obstacles throughout your divorce, so it is important to be able to understand the process through the divorce and child custody proceedings. As attorneys, we are here to help negotiate a fair settlement and protect your individual interests.

Justin Tash is a partner at BTL Family Law in Scottsdale.