Spears: Initial shipments of Janssen COVID vaccine will be limited

ADHS dashboard shows how many people have been administered vaccine per ZIP code


Community partner and public health vaccine teams are continuing to vaccinate with shipments received this week. A new site is available on the ADHS dashboard that indicates how many people have been administered per ZIP code. It is on the main ADHS dashboard in a circular icon towards the bottom of the page.

The Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccine produced by their vaccine division, Janssen Pharmaceuticals received Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA Feb. 26.

The Janssen COVID vaccine requires one shot and is stable at refrigerated temperatures when shipped or stored. The Janssen vaccine is an adenovirus-based vaccine versus an mRNA vaccine.

More information on the differences will be forthcoming. The CDC advises that initial shipments of Janssen COVID vaccine will be limited. As more information becomes available on the availability of Janssen COVID vaccine in Arizona, we will let you know.

Editor’s note: Tascha Spears is Pinal County’s public health director. The above is from the county’s weekly update.