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Rose: In favor of Glendale measures


Speaking from my 27 years of experience with the Glendale Police Department, including the last six as Chief, I wholeheartedly endorse a yes vote on the bond questions in November.

During my career, Glendale’s population grew significantly. This presented challenges for management and elected officials who were charged with providing and funding a variety of public services, which are critical to the safety and enjoyment of a thriving community.

With this significant growth, there were times when the police department’s services were strained. Over time, and with the support of the community, we incrementally added staffing, newer equipment, and larger, well-placed facilities to improve the quality of the department’s services.

However, one pressing need remains — a crime lab.

Today, investigators must submit items believed to hold evidence and needing scientific examination to a laboratory that provides those same services to several police departments. Even with efforts to prioritize cases, this “take-a-number” system results in delays that slow down investigations and may ultimately lead to guilty criminals remaining unprosecuted and free. Waiting for lab results is frustrating, inefficient, and dangerous.

If we approve Question 2, the public safety bond, the Glendale Police Department will be better prepared to fight crime and ensure our safety with stronger capabilities and improved efficiencies.

We should also approve Question 1, the street and intersection bond. This, too, is an investment that will improve public safety. Well-engineered roads, along with well-designed intersections and signage, prevent accidents and assist in the safe, rapid arrival of our first responders at emergencies.

Please vote yes on Question 1 and Question 2 to strengthen public safety in Glendale.

John E. “Jack” Rose

Mr. Rose is a retired former Glendale Police Chief.