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Roger M. Campbell

Roger Campbell loved a good deal, and he usually got one, whether it was on the endless number of vehicles that went in and out of his garage or in life itself. Who wouldn’t have accepted this offer as a young man? You get to leave Minnesota’s cold, damp climate for your asthmatic complications and end up in Albuquerque and Sun City. You get to be married to Mary Kay for 67 years and raise four successful kids: Mike, Patti, Susan and Ann. You get to thrive in the Model A Club and work on older cars, and be a valued member at Sandia National Labs, and travel extensively throughout the country and the world. You often got a cookie with your coffee and a slice of pie after dinner. And sometimes a bourbon closed the day. You had all this and 91 years. That would be a very good deal. Thanks, Roger, for our part in your story. You put us at ease and made us all laugh. You will continue to live with us through these stories, memories and laughs. WE got a good deal more. The deal of a lifetime. April 9, 1931-February 28, 2023 Roger is survived by his wife Mary Kay Campbell, Mike Campbell (Lorene), Patti Lee (Francis, d.), Susan Barnhart (Neil), Ann Pakenham (Gene), nine grandchildren, and one great grandchild.